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Our People Policy

We all know that the most successful organisations only become so, and remain so, with the help of brilliant and dedicated people. When we find Brilliant People, we believe it is our job to provide a working environment that fosters their dedication. With this in mind, we will keep ten people principles at the heart of our business:

  1. Employ Brilliant People

    We will employ Brilliant People. Brilliant People come in every shape, size and colour and from all walks of life. We believe brilliance is defined by someone's: attitude to life, that is, their enthusiasm, optimism, good humour and a strong determination to succeed; their attitude to others, namely, compassion, respect, integrity and a sense of community; an ability to learn quickly; a commitment to quality; and outstanding communication skills.

  2. Fit Work around Life

    We expect that our Brilliant People will have a rich life outside of work, with competing priorities to juggle. One of the many things our Brilliant People do well is balancing the needs of their families, communities, our business and our clients - and we know that to do this effectively they need our support to work anytime, anywhere. To make this happen we support flexible working hours, provide mobile office tools and run child-friendly meetings.

  3. Work Hard Laugh Hard

    We know that continuing to delight our clients while executing our wider business strategy will take a lot of hard work. To us working hard means getting the job done well - working quickly and efficiently, not late. We also believe that hard work should be punctuated by brief periods of raucous hilarity - because great work is possible with equal measures of blood, sweat and tears of laughter.

  4. Up Front, Honest and Constructive Communication

    We believe that for our people and our business to flourish, we must commit to an ethos of up front, honest and constructive communication. To us this means providing constructive feedback, encouraging everyone to speak openly about their ideas or concerns, resolving conflicts maturely and agreeing collectively to a 'no grudges, no gossip' culture.

  5. Safe and Healthy Workplaces

    Our Brilliant People are the jewels in our crown so it goes without saying that their safety and wellbeing is critical to our business. We will have appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and based on our belief that the fastest route to good health is happiness, we will support our people to be happy in their work.

  6. Share the Vision

    When it comes to problem solving and innovation, more heads are better than one. Whether we're setting the course for our business, developing new services, improving old ones, or brainstorming solutions for client challenges, we believe in harnessing the horsepower and unique perspectives of each of our Brilliant People by including them in the planning process.

  7. Feed the Brain Flame

    As a flame needs oxygen, Brilliant People need intellectual nourishment. It is our job to provide varied and stimulating employment, using each individual's natural gifts, and supporting them to develop new ones.

  8. Motivating Individuals

    We expect our Brilliant People to achieve great outcomes for our clients and our business. We know they'll be motivated by a determination to succeed and a commitment to quality, but beyond that, unique factors will inspire each individual to action. We'll work hard to understand what drives our Brilliant People, and what holds them back, so they'll be supported and inspired to do remarkable things.

  9. Celebrating Brilliance

    We know it feels marvellous to be recognised for doing a great job. It's important to us that our Brilliant People feel valued in our business, so we'll never take their brilliance for granted. We will set aside time and resources to celebrate their successes and show thanks for great work, while making genuine praise and encouragement central to our workplace vernacular.

  10. Dress to Express

    We believe there are many things that make a great consultant, and a pinstriped suit isn't one of them. Naturally we expect our Brilliant People to look clean, tidy and professional, but we heartily encourage them to express their individuality and personal style through their attire - let's call it our unique contribution to keeping New Zealand beautiful.