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Our Sustainability Statement

Moving towards a Sustainable Future with OptiFleet

We are committed to delivering a competitive service for our clients while retaining sustainability at the core of our business. New Zealand has one of the oldest and most inefficient car fleets in the developed world with nearly half of all CO2 from energy arising from transport. Although at present no national policies or legislation exist to regulate vehicle emissions, we recognise that there is increasing scope to reduce the environmental impact of our nation's fleets. We are committed to leading New Zealand's vehicle fleet industry towards a more sustainable future.

Helping our Clients Go Green

As one of OptiFleet's Seven Pillars of Fleet Management Excellence, we regard sustainability as being integral to best practice fleet management and procurement. Whilst we assist clients to optimise their fleets, we will help to establish sound environmental reporting and provide expert advice for those who wish to develop greener fleet management practices and improve their sustainability credentials. We are acutely aware of the need for financial success to retain viability in a competitive marketplace - this means that greening our clients' fleets, must also make good economic sense. In our experience greener fleets almost always result in bottom line savings for our clients. Fuel costs are a major energy expense for many businesses and these costs will only increase with time as fuel supplies reduce and carbon taxes are implemented. As a consequence of sourcing efficient vehicles, implementing sustainable fleet management practices and educating drivers on fuel-efficient driving, fuel-cost risks can be significantly reduced, while positively contributing to fleet safety and brand image.

Leading from the Front

As we grow our business, our main sustainability focus is on keeping our carbon emissions as low as possible, but to us, sustainability also means being a socially responsible organisation. Take a look at Our Values and People Policy to learn more about OptiFleet's commitment to Our People and Community.


We are a carboNZeroCertTM accredited company. The carboNZeroCertTM certification is an internationally recognised greenhouse gas certification scheme. This programme requires us to measure the CO2 we are emitting as a result of our business operations each year, manage and reduce our emissions by committing to targets and reduction initiatives, and then offset those emissions we are unable to eliminate, by purchasing carbon credits from approved sources. This process is third party verified to ensure our systems for measurement and management are accurate, with audits conducted on an annual basis. The money from these credits is directed to sustainable energy source development projects in New Zealand or abroad. By offsetting OptiFleet's unavoidable carbon emissions we will be helping to ensure a brighter future for New Zealand and our Planet.

Our Green Guiding Principles

Sustainabilty is a key corporate responsibility for OptiFleet and we have developed some guiding principles to help us stay green as we grow:

  • We will appoint a Green Team to manage our sustainability performance.
  • We will commit to all of our business practices being conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • We will continue to improve our environmental performance in an innovative and creative way, taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, client needs and community expectations.
  • We will champion sustainability in the fleet industry by encouraging clients to consider efficiency and environmental impacts when making fleet related decisions.

Our Daily Commitments

To keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, we will all do the following as we work:

  • We will minimise our transport needs through the promotion of home working and the use of audio and video conferencing.
  • Where travel is essential, we will use public transport, car pool or arrange multiple meetings to limit single car journeys.
  • We will instruct our team on the principles of fuel-efficient driving and will ensure our Motor Vehicle Policy reinforces these principles.
  • We will select company owned vehicles, taxis and rental cars that are the smallest and most economical for the intended purpose, ideally with fuel economy of 7l/100km or better, and with 5 star NCAP safety ratings.
  • We will strive to operate a paperless office system to minimise our waste, using tablets and smartphones, and our preferred means of written communication is by email, text or online.
  • If paper is required for client reports, we will ensure that it is sourced from certified sustainable forestries or is of 100% recycled content.
  • We will aim to have zero waste to landfill by using the reduce-reuse-recycle policy.
  • We will minimise energy use by setting computer monitors to automatic power-down mode after two minutes of non-use.
  • We will use eco-efficient lighting and heating, and ensure both are turned off when not required.
  • We will seek to work with partners and suppliers with shared sustainability values so our supply chain is as a green as possible.
  • We will regularly encourage our Brilliant People to share their bright ideas for going greener.
  • We will encourage our customers to be as sustainable as possible in their work, both in terms of their vehicle fleets and their other operations.