OptiFleet | What Is BestCar?

What is BestCar?

Fast, Transparent Procurement

BestCar is a best practice online vehicle procurement tool from OptiFleet designed to simplify the sourcing process for both buyers and suppliers. The system captures the fit for purpose requirements of our Buyers - from private individuals, sole traders, or small-medium enterprises to large corporate and government entities - and pushes these out to Supplier members who may bid for the Opportunity by completing a simple online form. BestCar consolidates the bids from all Suppliers and calculates the lifecycle cost and fit for purpose match of each option, allowing Buyers to select the vehicles that are the best fit for their overall requirements.

Benefits for Suppliers

BestCar is open to all New Zealand registered motor vehicle traders who may subscribe to the service by completing a registration form online and agreeing to the BestCar Terms of Use. As a BestCar Supplier, you will be notified of all Buyer Opportunities that correlate with your profile - i.e. vehicle brands represented, geography or other client specific requirements and can bid for the Opportunity by clicking on a link and completing a simple online form for each relevant brand and vehicle type.

You will be reminded as each Bid deadline approaches and can view at a glance how many Opportunities are open, which Bids you have submitted, and your progress completing your remaining Bids. BestCar will notify you immediately once a Bid is won or lost, and automatically generate a Bid Selection Form if your Bid is successful, so you can contact the Buyer to finalise your vehicle offer and sale terms. Reduce your advertising costs and Bid response overheads - get connected with genuine Buyers today.

Benefits for Clients

BestCar is the only tool of its kind in New Zealand allowing vehicle Buyers to be connected with Suppliers nationwide with vehicle models to meet their requirements. Clients have total transparency of the procurement process including communications with Suppliers and Bids received, and can select the best vehicles for their business based on a side-by-side comparison of the lifecycle cost and fit for purpose match of each vehicle option offered across the bidding suppliers. Access stock nationwide and the best prices available for your segment, at no cost to you - much like the TradeMe model, Suppliers pay us when they sell you a vehicle. Bolt our world class vehicle sourcing process onto your business, and we'll bring your best car to you.

Download our BestCar Vehicle Sourcing brochure.