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OptiFleet is New Zealand’s leading fleet optimisation consultancy, helping organisations move their fleets in the best direction for their business. Our Services include Vehicle Sourcing, Fleet Lifecycle Studies, Fleet Snapshots, Supplier Appointment, Vehicle Policy Development and Driver & Fleet Safety Programmes... Find out more >>

  • Safe Pillar


    We'll help you prioritise staff safety by implementing best practice sourcing specifications, safe-driving policies and driver education programmes.

  • Sustainable

    As a certified carbon neutral company, we are committed to conserving the earth's resources and supporting you to reduce your fleet footprint, without impacting business performance.

  • Suitable

    We work hard to understand your unique business requirements and your goals for the future, so we can structure your fleet to best deliver on your goals and strategy.

  • Reliable

    Using our comprehensive knowledge of the fleet industry and global vehicle reliability data, we'll help you minimise downtime and unexpected repair bills.

  • Economical

    Our lifecycle cost model gives you unprecedented visibility of the total costs of owning, leasing or renting vehicles for a specified term and distance.

  • Compliant

    We'll show you how to simplify vehicle and driver compliance by implementing the right tools, technology, and policies across your business.

  • Transparent

    Vehicle tracking and pool booking systems have revolutionised the industry and we'll help you implement the right technology solution for your business.

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